The annual Adams Society Desserts Party in 2010

The Adams Society is the mathematical society of St John’s College at the University of Cambridge. We are one of the oldest undergraduate societies, founded in 1923. We are named after the Johnian mathematician John Couch Adams, who is famous for predicting the existence of the planet Neptune using nothing but its gravitational effects on the orbit of Uranus. Neptune can be seen as part of our logo.

Throughout the year we organise talks of a mathematical nature, free to all members of the University. Recent speakers have included many famous mathematicians such as Fields Medallist Timothy Gowers and Lucasian Professor Michael Green.

Our members, the mathematics students and fellows of St John’s College, are also invited to a number of social events such as a Freshers Squash, a Desserts Party, our Annual Dinner and a Garden Party (see Events pages). Once a year we compete in a traditional Cricket match against the Trinity Mathematical Society (TMS), and in a Football match against the Hyperbolics (Catz mathmos).