The committee of the Adams Society is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting in Lent Term. The current committee is as follows:

Xuanang Chen (

Hi, I’m Xuanang, a first year mathmo at St John’s and President of the Adams Society for 2021-2022. This society is home to the wonderful community of mathematicians in college, and aims to nurture it through organising interesting talks and regular social events for its members throughout the year. My role is to arrange speakers for the talks and to maintain the efficient running of the society.

Vishal Gupta (

Hi, Vishal, Trinity. The duties of the Vice-President is to arrange and coordinate social events for the society, as well as working with other colleges and university societies to arrange joint events.

Christie Yau (

The Secretary is in charge of general admin, such as calling meetings, keeping minutes, keeping registers and make sure the right people are updated with information about the society.

Publicity Officer

Mary Letey (

As Publicity officer for 2020-2021, I’m excited to spread the word on all the amazing things the Adams Society can offer to Cambridge students, from simulating lectures to lively social hangouts. I’m looking forward to boosting turnout, particularly Fresher attendance, as well as adding more social events and collaborations with other societies.

Sara d’Attanasio (

The Treasurer overseas the financial running of the society, including managing the Society’s account and keeping records of the Society’s financial affairs.


Sara d’Attanasio (

The role of the Sponsorship Officer is to oversea communication between the society and sponsors, keep sponsors informed about our activities, as well as approach potential sponsors.

Sae Koyama (

Hi, I’m Sae, second year mathmo at St Johns. I’ve been webmaster since last year and after last year’s overhaul, this year we’re merging our two websites! Other than this, I’ll continue to update the events page and contribute to the exciting line of events that the Adam’s society hope to put forward in the coming year.

Women’s Officer

Christie Yau  (

The role of the Women’s Officer is to continue developing a welcoming environment for female and non-binary mathematicians at St John’s and ensure that all voices are heard. We are always looking for ways to improve equality and are open to any ideas!


The committee is always happy to answer your questions.

Committees from previous years can be found on the Past Committees page.