Past Committees

This page lists the committees in the years since this website has existed. For a historical record listing members of older committees as far back as 1923, see the Historical Committees page.

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The 2017-2018 Committee:

President: Clara Ding
Vice President: Indi Prichard
Secretary: Dmitri Whitmore
Treasurer: Christopher Whittall
Webmaster: Charlie Chen
Sponsorship: Harry Foster-Powell

The 2016-2017 Committee:

President: Arthur Ziming Wang
Vice President: Clara Ding 
Secretary: Charlie Chen
Treasurer: Sam Harrison
Publicity: Issac Webber
Webmaster: Indi Prichard
Sponsorship: Sam Gregson

The 2015-2016 Committee:41

Co-Presidents: Maria Tang & Ömer Taştemur
Secretary: Arthur Ziming Wang
Treasurer: Martin Tang
Webmaster: Indi Pritchard
Publicity: Sam Harrison
Sponsorship: Kenji Baba

The 2014-15 Committee:2014-15

President: Zhao Wang
Vice President: Maria Tang
Secretary: Ömer Taştemur
Treasurer: Sam Tarver
Publicity: Huey Lai
Webmaster: Wenda Zhou
Sponsorship: Rishi Mouland

The 2013-14 Committee:

President: Luke Kweku Abraham
Vice President: Andi Wang
Secretary: Zhao Wang
Treasurer: Duncan Bell
Publicity: Vir Bulchandani
Webmaster: Wenda Zhou
Sponsorship: Henry Bottomley

The 2012-13 Committee:

President: Tom Durrant
Vice President: Sunil Ghosh
Secretary: Eigo Takeda
Treasurer: Henry Bottomley
Publicity: Weiye Yang
Webmaster: Jacob Lever
Sponsorship: Omair Deen

The 2011-12 Committee:

President: Philipp Legner
Social Secretary: Sophie Dundovic
Secretary: Jacob Lever
Treasurer: Omair Deen

The 2010-11 Committee:

Co-Presidents: Lukas Brantner, Aneesha Nirmalan
Social Secretary: Sophie Dundovic
Treasurer: Philipp Legner
Webmaster: Defeng Wu

The 2009-10 Committee:

President: Adam Bennett
Secretary: Defeng Wu
Social Secretary: Aneesha Nirmalan
Treasurer: Ben Hinton-Lever
Webmaster: David Nissenbaum