Catz Football Match

From the John’s Socials page:

A recently revived tradition is our Lent term football match against the Hyperbolics, the mathematicians of St Catherine’s College.

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Football Match 2017

Football Match 2016

We present an unfiltered collection of beautiful, dramatic and action-packed snaps from this year’s football game of the Adams Society vs the Hyperbolics (Catz mathmos). Thank you to everyone from Catz who showed up to make this game possible, and of course to everyone who represented Johns too.

Football Training 2016

Football Match 2015

Sunday 1st March 2015 saw the revival of the traditional football match vs. the Hyperbolics, the Catz maths society .

The Adams Society reigned triumphant, with the massive win: approximately 9 to 1! Well done to all involved, and many thanks to Antoni for coaching a training session, and to the Hyperbolics for a great game!

Match report to follow (may be as accurate as the recorded score)