Events 2010-11

Photographs from some of these events can be found on the Photos 2010-2011 page.


Impredicativity, by Dr Michael Potter

Wednesday, 13th October 2010, 6pm

For our first talk this term, we will welcome Dr Michael Potter from the faculty of Philosophy to talk about Impredicativity: What is it and why it matters.

The talk should be accessible and interesting, lending itself well to discussion. Do come along and take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about metamathematics. We will dine with Dr Potter in Hall afterwards.

String Theory, by Prof Michael Green

Tuesday, 30th November 2010, 6pm

Just before the end of term, we are very proud to welcome the Lucasian Professor Michael Green, who will talk on String Theory – A Unifying Principle in Theoretical Physics.

Whether you are an applied or a pure mathematician, this talk is a brilliant opportunity to get a general overview of String Theory from one of the leading experts in the field. Unfortunately, Prof. Green is unable to dine with us in Hall after the talk.


The Hairy Ball Theorem, by Prof Pelham Wilson

Wednesday, 9th March 2010, 6pm

The term has started and it is time for our first talk: Professor Pelham Wilson (Trinity), author of the legendary book Curved Spaces, will talk about Milnor’s proof of the Hairy Ball Theorem.

The Hairy Ball Theorem says that a hairy, even dimensional sphere cannot be combed in any continuous way (it is clear that odd dimensional spheres can be). This result is usually proved using the machinery of Algebraic Topology, but there is an elegant elementary proof due to John Milnor (1978). Whilst straightforward to follow, it is less clear why the proof works…

Snacks and Drinks will be provided before the talk. You are welcome to join us in Hall afterwards.


Adams Society Garden Party

Thursday, 16th June 2011, 6pm

As every year, our garden party was a wonderful event for students and fellows to relax after Exams, with plenty of Pimms, cream cakes, sausage rolls, strawberries and Croquet.

We were delighted to see some alumni, invited in celebration of the college’s Quincentenary, as well as some of our speakers from last year.