President’s Report 2020

This year has been a very successful year for the Adams society. Firstly, and of course most importantly, we enjoyed fantastic sporting success. The year started with a very close football game against the Catz Hyperbolics, in which the Adams Society clinched a 3-2 victory. This was followed up by the annual cricket game against the TMS. TMS seemed to have had a glass of Pimm’s too many before batting their innings and could not catch up with the score posted by Adams.

This year we introduced a women’s officer. With the proportion of women in maths far below what we expect, we felt that this was a necessary addition to the society. Sophie McInerney held the role this year, and ran some very nice chats over coffee aimed specifically at female mathmos in John’s. Work was also done to try and make change at a university level. We exchanged a few e-mails and had a meeting with Dr Evans in an attempt to find out why the proportion is so low and ask if work was being done to address this issue.

We also enjoyed many fantastic talks this year. We had Prof. Jack Thorne talk about “Equidistribution in Number Theory”, Dr. Ailsa Keating on “Braid Groups and Prof. Imre Leader’s talk “Cops and Robbers” (some graph theory) to name just of a few! The Castlereagh room was only just large enough to accommodate everyone for many of these talks. Overall it has been a successful year for the Adams society, even without mentioning our fantastic garden party (which we shared with the Lamour society), desserts and annual dinner! I have very much enjoyed my year as president, and I hope our new president, Nic Janisch, and his committee have another great year.

          Mark Pepper, President 2019-2020

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