The Adams Society is affiliated to the St John’s College Associated Societies.

If you would like to support us, please take a look at our Sponsorship Booklet and email the president or sponsorship officer. The preceding version is our 2021-22 booklet. We are working on an updated version.

A message from our current sponsor, TPP:

The Phoenix Partnership (TPP) is a UK-based IT company, dedicated to delivering world-class healthcare software through our innovative products. Our philosophy is to join up healthcare based on a shared electronic medical record, improving access to clinical data and empowering patients to take part in their care. We are known for our outstanding achievements in the UK, providing electronic patient records on a single instance database for over 40 million patients.

After 20 years of success in the UK, TPP is now expanding their offering to deliver connected care to new markets in China and the Middle East. We’re currently hiring for five different graduate roles and for our 2018 summer intern programme. We’re looking for the brightest minds from the UK’s top universities who have a passion for problem-solving.