Presidents’ Reports

Here you can find an archive of some reports from past presidents of the Adams society. These reports are given by each president in turn as they depart from their role.

2023 report, by Vishal Gupta

2022 report, by Xuanang Chen

2021 report, by Nic Janish

2020 report, by Mark Pepper

2017 report, by Arther Ziming Wang

2016 report, by Maria Tang and Ömer Taştemur

2015 report, by Zhaoxin Wang

2014 report, by Kweku Abraham

2013 report, by Tom Durrant

2012 report, by Philipp Legner

2011 report, by Aneesha Nirmalan and Lukas Branter

Presidents of the Adams Society, 2011-16